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About this website

May 19, 2021

flighty.xyz is a minimalist, article focused blog developed as a course project. Its design aims for clarity.


  • Fully responsive, mobile friendly, and accesible design
    • Dedicated mobile navigation menu
  • Dark theme
  • Admin panel
    • Focused view
    • Entry creation - articles and pages
    • Editable and deletable entries
    • Markdown text formatting
    • Customizable menu order of pages
  • Command line interface superuser creation

Interactive Superuser Creation

you@here:~$ php manage.php createuser

The script will walk you through the process, prompting for username and password. After user creation, you can log in on /admin or /login.


Required MySQL code for the database is provided under data/. Database credentials must be put into database.php. The website will be now ready to be served with Apache. The folder public/ should be served.


flighty.xyz uses icons from css.gg and the Inter font.